May 11, 2023

How To Zoom Like A Professional with Jeremy Louison

How To Zoom Like A Professional with Jeremy Louison

Unlock the mysteries of music from Visible Music College's "Visible Vault", where members of our faculty and staff share lessons in their fields of expertise. Learn to Zoom like a professional with Student Life Director, Jeremy Louison.

Hey, my name is Jeremy. I'm the Student Life Director here at Visible Music College. And I just want to give you a couple of tips on how to professional on zoom. First of all, you want to make sure that your face is well-groomed not like mine. I haven't done my beard anything, but if it's for an interview, You want to make sure that you are groomed, that your face is well-groomed ladies making sure your, your, your makeup's done or your hair is pulled back.

Whatever you need to do, guys, making sure your beard looks straight and not like this. Um, whatever you need to do to look professional on a professional zoom call with the way the world's going. A lot of zoom calls are happening, and you want to make sure that you are putting your best self forward.

That's point number one, point number two, making sure you have adequate lighting, right? And so if you are in an interview or in a conversation, you want to make sure that you have lighting on your face. So the worst thing that you can do is sit with your back to the window. [00:01:00] It's just really dark. Like it's not interesting.

It puts a shadow on your face. And so one thing that you can do in your house is find a window and place your camera facing you with the light facing your direction. Right? Cause you want the right to hit your face. Now you can buy some auxiliary lights that you can put on there. Some small lights that can add light to your face.

But nothing beats natural sunlight on your face. You're beautiful. Show them how beautiful, how gorgeous you are. Um, yeah, natural sunlight. You can also sit with this. It's a little bit of a dramatic effect because you can see on this side of my face, there's the light and this isn't. Um, and you know, you could do that half thing.

But if you're going for a job interview or you're interviewing for something serious, let the light hit your entire face. Just let it wash your face over and give you some good vibes. And again, don't sit with your back to a window. Anytime you do, as you guys can see shadows, and it's just harder to see that's point number two [00:02:00] point number three, if you're doing a professional zoom call on your laptop or on your phone, make sure you're doing it to where the camera can stay eye level to you.

You want them to see your face? You don't want to do this, right. Cause how many zoom calls have you hopped on? And someone's like this, and it looks like they're looking down at you. Right? And that's just, if you're interviewing you don't want the funeral, you don't want to look down at someone or not like this because it's not a selfie.

You want something very eye level. You want to seem professional. Uh, show them that you're a professional. So if you're doing this on your laptop, you may want to get a couple of books or a box for your laptop to sit on. If you're doing it on your phone, I don't really recommend on your phone, but like right now, my phone is on a monopod or get a tripod that you can hold.

And so you can hold this, uh, eye level and get a really good look. Number three. Which I think that's number three, which is really important, make sure your background is clean. [00:03:00] So if you're doing these videos, right, make sure this doesn't exist. Make sure it's a clean background. If you're in your house, find the cleanest room with a bookshelf and find it there.

Like find a room with a bookshelf, something that makes you look very astute, clean your room. I know you haven't cleaned it in about 19 years. Clean your room, right. And make sure it looks so good because people are looking at what's in the background. I know some people also will put a drop cloth up or put a black sheet up.

Um, that's awesome as well. But if you're really looking for that pro look, get a bookshelf, have a bookshelf in the background, have some books on there, have some pictures and now it'll definitely help. Um, so that's point number three, point number four, make sure the top that you're wearing is very professional.

And if you don't know if you're going to get up or not

put pants on. Because nothing's more embarrassing than say, Oh, um, the doorbell rang and you [00:04:00] get up and you don't have pants on. So put pants on. I know it's the little things, it's the little things. And my final point to close this all out is if you're doing a professional zoom call and yes, you can use your air pods or any Bluetooth headphones, but do something low profile in any, or that's the most professional look you can go for.

Um, I typically stay away from anything Bluetooth, because if it has blue, that means it has a battery and the battery can run out. I typically do something wired because I know they're not going to run out. I know it's going to give a consistent sound because they have a little microphone on it. So try to lean towards something wired.

Bluetooth, it can cut out and then you're like, Ugh, I can't hear you. I can't hear you things and stuff and go back and forth. And then you ended up messing up the call or whatever. So do something wired with a microphone on it, plug it into your computer and do it that way. But that's all I got. Those are my top four or five points on how to do professionals, zoom call.

See ya. Bye.

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