May 11, 2023

How I got my start with a music business degree from Visible Music College

I'm Taylor Kotke

I graduated from Visible Music College in 2016. I got a music business degree from the Music Business department. Right now, I live in Los Angeles, California and work for a management production group called Faculty Productions.We're a division of Live Nation and we have a pretty broad roster of artists. We have some in the Christian music industry like mosaic MSC. I get to handle the day-to-day operations of them. they're just about to go out on the road on a co-headlining tour with Bethel music in elevation worship. so we're really excited about that. we also have secular artists like Sabrina Carpenter, new kids on the block, Lea Michele. We also have a lot of developmental clients that I also get to help grow which is really awesome.I probably couldn't have gotten where I am without the the music business degree that I got a Visible Music College. it was really challenging. But it was really applicable. it's something that you really had to work hard at. but if you put the time in then I think you'll see your work pay off. so thank you Visible!

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