May 11, 2023

Help, I Make Music! - Music is Important

Help, I Make Music!

stan moser we will stand book cover

1,000 people have helped me make music. It is true that many people have helped me make music over the years. I don’t know all of their names and they may not even remember or know themselves that they helped. The music industry, as I’ve said many times, is a team sport and requires alignment with a lot of people, places, and powers to come together and make music for a living. Some people can just place their music on the street and get tips and be self-sustaining, but not many. God bless them (and I mean that literally). From my early church concerts to Skillet to the beep to my sons’ music, people have helped out. I’ve made music since my teens years and with some success for a few years and with so much hard work, which I commonly outline here in my Music is Important blog. Music just simply does take a lot of hard work and help. My first music-oriented church helped. The family around the bass player in the Christian metal band I joined helped out. My pastor helped out in bringing Skillet together. My wife Joy helped in so many ways. Hundreds of promoters, distributors, executives, publicists, and concert goers themselves helped out. Dozens helped me record music after Skillet. Musicians and students and faculty have helped out. Concert promoters and web developers helped out. My kids helped out along the way and now make their own music. I was reminded by the book “We Will Stand” by Stan Moser this week that I am grateful for all those who helped out. I make music and music is important. Thank you.


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