May 11, 2023

Getting a Fresh Start in Music - Music is Important

Getting a Fresh Start In Music

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She was tired from being “on the road."

People believe that getting signed to a record deal is the ultimate sign of success and the apex of a music career. Those who do achieve this honor are heralded as “arrived” and successful in the eyes of the public and their peers trying to get a music career going. When the artist hits the road and begins the endless travel and trying to support an album through concerts, appearances, radio interviews, and fan engagement, they realize that the record deal is just to make the record and the rest is often up to them to accomplish still. That is why an artist often needs a fresh start and I was able to be a part of one this week.

Visible Music College and Madison Line Records champion “Artist Care” for this reason.

Every career needs some evaluation, and many jobs require constant assessment of workload and pressure to perform, not just music. But unlike some professions, getting a record deal is supposed to make everything better. Sometimes it does bring a team around the artist, but often it requires more team and an eventual artist care moment. Getting a fresh start while being an artist can mean going back to school, spending time with family or with a mentor, or just being challenged in artistic ways rather than pure business. Recognizing this moment for you as an artist (or in any job) is important.

Music can take you to a place of reminding of the blessing of art and space for thinking. It can also trigger a realization that it is time to take a break, evaluate where you are as a musician, and possibly do some artist care and talk to someone. Find a community that appreciates you as a person and not just an artist and gives room to talk. We are made for relationship and actualization through conversation and peace. A fresh start from a quiet stop.


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