May 11, 2023

Filthy Rags - Music is Important

Filthy Rags

The band I heard was Filthy Rags. I listened to a band this weekend that calls themselves “Filthy Rags”. It is not immediately appealing as a band name but you’d have to know a deeper level of meaning for it to make sense. the Bible talks about all of our “righteousness” that we do on our own is equal to “filthy rags” compared to the righteousness of Jesus Christ. As a worship band at the event at which I was speaking, Filthy Rags makes sense. Filthy Rags were actually very clean and tight. What a wonderful experience with a band that loves the Lord, plays with major and minor chords freely back and forth dramatically, and serves people with outreach and training every day with The Extreme Tour team. They are truly worship leaders by their lives and their posture on stage while playing music. It was a breath of fresh air for me to be led by them.


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