May 11, 2023

Ear Happiness - Music is Important

Ear Happiness

I spent 12.5 hours in the recording studio on Saturday. When you record a song, you never know how the pieces are exactly going to come together. You make your plans and you work with experts and amateurs and you experiment and you guide your time along and listen and decide and grow together, but you never know exactly how it is going to turn out. A little change here or a little accidental goodness there, and the song emerges different than you attempted. I love how the smallest thing can cause a new creative act to alter slightly and become fresh again. A gorgeous guitar riff and tone changed the whole beginning to the song we were working on. It was a small detail in how the picking pattern went from the intro to the song we were recording. We worked on ways to perform the riff (pattern on the guitar) and selected some nice tones, but when the studio musician played the part in context, it just took over the beginning of the track. Such nice interaction with the sound and the part that we all knew instantly that this was special. I’ll share the song with everyone in the future, but it amazes me how small details of pattern and choice and performance and even little accidents can improve our listening experiences and even worship experiences with how they elicit emotion and space for thinking. This detail gives life to us, just like a perfect spice combination gives us mouth happiness; ear happiness occurs when you listen for it.


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