May 11, 2023

Christian Graphic Design as an Inspiring Career Option

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Christian Graphic Design Examples and Careers

At the height of artistic expression in this world’s history–the Renaissance–an overwhelming amount of the immortalized art was Christian art. Standouts include the statue of David and the Sistine chapel’s ceiling, both by Michelangelo, as well as The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. When the entire world was watching, God was being glorified through His beautiful creations.In this post, we'll look at principles of design, some examples of "Christian" graphic design, and also consider the implications of a Christian vocation in graphic design.Contents:

  1. Graphic Design Work for Christian Audience
  2. Graphic Design Work for Kingdom Influence
  3. Christian Graphic Design Jobs
  4. Conclusion

Graphic Design Work for Christian Audience

Most design work commissioned by churches, Christian organizations, and Christian patrons is meant to speak to Christian audiences specifically. Regardless of the audience, God’s beauty demands attention, so the greatest artists are sought after to help tell the greatest stories. Some more recent pieces of commissioned art can be seen at the Sacred Art Gallery.In today’s world, however, the most common form of communicating and sharing is done digitally. Graphic design is the vehicle that currently transports most messages.In an interview about the role of graphic design in the church, Emily Carlton says that “design can help people to understand the Gospel more clearly than they would otherwise. This is true even if the design isn’t overly noticeable. In its subtlety, good design still highlights the church’s mission.”One of the most powerful uses of design can be seen in the branding of churches. ArtSpeak Creative has done several branding guides and helped rebrand churches around the world.

Graphic Design Work for Kingdom Influence

What does graphic design have to do with the Kingdom of God? Design is what captures someone’s attention. From there, a message can be shared. Often in great design, the message is communicated—at least in part—through the graphic design itself. And in the case of branding, it creates a cohesive, professional display that incorporates identity and invites people in. In the creation of any design used for churches or for the Church (the people of God), the designer’s conviction should be that of Biblical values. Christian artists create for God’s glory that He would be better known through the work or through the invitation extended by the work.Take a look at this logo:

velocity church logo

source: ArtSpeak CreativeThe way the V is broken up creates an arrow that serves the word “Velocity” as well as implying a movement forward. This is an invitation to move your life in the right direction, and the slight tilt upwards indicates a lifting of perspective toward a better life, or more likely, toward God.It is said that a good design solves a problem, and the most common problem it can help with is the lack of communication. To tell about God, who He is, and what He’s done, the world needs Christian art; this means there is a great need for creative leaders.

Christian Graphic Design Jobs

Christian graphic design is not limited to large-scale branding of churches. It is needed on so many levels, both in and outside of the church walls (literally and figuratively), such as these and more:

  • series titles
  • social media posts/banners/content
  • wall art/messages
  • bulletins/notes
  • sermon enhancements
  • slides/presentations
  • special programs/events
  • advertising/marketing
  • books/study materials
  • logos/branding
  • signs
  • email campaigns

In churches and Christian organizations today, there is a great need for Christian artists who understand the power of design. These positions aren’t limited to simply creating graphics but often extend to such jobs as a Creative Arts Pastor for Ministry and Media.


The world has changed a lot since the enlightenment and creative explosions of the Renaissance, but the power of the gospel has remained and will continue. Christian art serves the mission of the Church of God and the churches of God, to communicate clearly and effectively who God is and what He’s done for us.If you have God-given abilities in design and have a heart to glorify God with those talents, then your next step may be to explore Creative Leadership as a career.Read more about Kingdom Influence Through a Christian Media School or find out what a Christian Content Creator is by clicking the links.You can request more information to learn about how you can have a career creating Christian art.

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