Music is Important with Dr. Ken
February 16, 2024

Christian Creative Community

I live a life surrounded by so much talent.

It is a true blessing to be in a Christian creative community with a plethora of songwriters, worship leaders, producers, video artists, ministry people and management folks who are constantly creating and collaborating to bring new and passionate ideas to fruition every week. Spiritually guided moments of free worship, new songs heard in the stairwells or practice rooms, classics reinterpreted through vision and creativity - they are all inspiring to each of us in the community. Three champions of this joyful noise and stirring environment are students that I highlight this week.

Just simply from my very limited personal perspective, and not with a purposed plan to make them, I celebrate these three students for who they are and how they impact me…and others similarly, no doubt.

Brandon Buxton - Brandon brings to every occasion his personality of service and creativity. As a producer, he makes the show sound good but he also spreads joy.

Gopancin Bawmkhai - Gopan lights up every day with his passion for drums, worship, people, Visible, and God, of course. What a guy to be around.

Deselett Freeman - Deselett is determined and talented. She shines a light upon the Lord wherever she is and on stage she brings the vocal heat with the joyful sizzle.

I enjoy seeing them in worship, in concert, on social media, and in regular life. Such is the joy of being in a Creative community.