May 11, 2023

Christian Content Creators - Who Are They and What Do They Do?


Christian Content Creation with Kingdom Influence

There is a famous quote about by Martin Luther about a Christian who creates:“The Christian shoemaker does his Christian duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.”Regardless of the content being created or the audience being served, it is the Christian’s responsibility and privilege to produce excellent content. Christians represent Christ. While some content creators are overtly Christian in their messaging and others don’t wrap every message in scripture, one challenge remains: make something so well that the craftsmanship will honor God.In this post we'll nuance the definition of a Christian content creator, give some practical tips for aspiring influences and finally showcase popular examples.Contents

  1. What Is a Christian Content Creator?
  2. How to Create Christian Content
  3. Popular Youtube Christian Content Creators
  4. Conclusion

What is a Christian Content Creator?

A Christian content creator is a broad term that can define two distinct directions which may overlap occasionally (both of which are explored in this article):

  1. A creator who makes Christian content which clearly aims to serve Christians (Examples: The Bible Project, Desiring God, Beloved Women)
  2. A content creator who is Christian (where the content isn’t obviously evangelical) (Examples: author Jon Acuff, comedian Jim Gaffigan, musician Dave Barnes, singer/songwriters: Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, Drew Holcomb).

Purpose and Audience

There are some who overlap and serve both non-Christian and Christian audiences in exclusive ways, such as the band Needtobreathe and the comedian John Crist.The differences lie simply in the target audience of the creator, that being the people they are trying to serve with their content, be it educational or entertaining (hopefully both). Regardless, there are many common roots among them, primarily a mindset of Kingdom influence.


A Christian Content Creator is first and foremost a Christ-follower. The content that the person creates can be almost anything, though most of the time it serves people who are Christians or considering Christianity. The goal is that the content honors God by respecting scripture and reflecting His commands and attributes. Must every piece of content have a Bible verse or a cross on it? Not always, but that depends on the audience.So, what does it mean to make God-honoring content? Should everything revolve around the evangelical message of Christianity? Not exactly. The gauge of someone’s creativity and their limits are between that creator and God. Yet it’s in a deep relationship with God that a Christian content creator will know the lines that he or she will not cross in order to reach the audience God has put on their heart.


The primary concern of a Christian content creator should simply be the pursuit of Christ and his ways. Only through these 3 things will a Christian content creator thrive and find fulfillment in the creation of whatever concept he or she deems worthy:

  • a growing relationship with Jesus
  • a fixed focus on honoring God
  • consistent guidance from the Holy Spirit

When that is in line, the content flows from a place of authenticity. As the content creator submits to the process of being sanctified to holiness and growing in the humility modeled by Christ himself, he or she will know exactly what will serve their audience.

How to Create Christian Content

Creating Christian content is not much different than creating any other content. The primary difference is that the person creating the concept has a relationship with Christ and knows the audience they are serving. This informs their direction as they allow God—the original Creator—to infuse their creativity with His.Regardless, there are 2 requirements for quality work:

  • a dedication to one’s craft
  • a consistent practice of that craft

Steady practice in one’s field is paramount to success as a content creator. That may mean writing/creating every day, making a set number of graphics or videos each week, learning through a creative arts school, class or course, or studying others who are doing it well.There are many avenues for Christian content creation such as:

  • Music
  • Digital or physical art
  • Books
  • Pastoral Ministry or Bible study
  • Comedy
  • Graphic design
  • Fitness
  • Parenting/marriage
  • Therapy/counseling
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Entertainment
  • Curation

Most content creators host their video and graphic content on Youtube, TikTok, and/or Instagram. The content tends to be very niche, aiming to serve a specific audience in relation to the list above, and it depends on the content creator’s goal.In Christian or evangelical endeavors, success is evident by the lives changed, sometimes in quantity but more often in quality. Such goals are determined as much by the audience as the creator; the content creator often seeks to serve the audience more than himself or herself.

Popular Youtube Christian Content Creators

Other than your favorite churches (such as Life Church, Elevation, Hillsong, Bethel, Northpoint, and more), there are many Christian content creators on Youtubers serving their audiences. Here’s a list that’ll surely overwhelm but also encourage and inspire:[gallery link="none" size="medium" ids="|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|"]

Other noteworthy creators and influencers:

@Truthunedited@Lion of JudahWhaddo You Meme? Mike WingerAlisa Childers DLM Christian Lifestyle (Daniel Maritz) Off the Kirb Ministries (Joe Kirby) Ruslan KD AOC Network (Jerren Lewis)Nephtali1981Wretched NetworkI’ll be HonestJon JorgensonLiving WatersHope WritersSadie RobertsonMilena CiciottiKian TiltonKaci NicoleAnna WillemsteinApril CassidyCoffee and Bible TimeBeloved WomenLaura KrokosFar Away DistanceChrystal Evans Hurst


When considering a career path or even side hustle as a Christian content creator, we can agree that following Christ is the most important thing. From there, one must decide who their content will serve and find the best ways to serve that audience. If the intention is to be evangelical and use overtly Christian content, one must consider where they will share it, what the audience reaction will be upon first encounter, and how the creator plans to use that to serve the kingdom of God. If the goal is to serve a larger audience of Christians and non-Christians in a specific way, one must still strive to make something so well that the craftsmanship will honor God.To grow in giftings, callings, and talents, it requires investment of time, money, and effort. That can be done through following the footsteps of the many who’ve gone before, such as the content creators listed above, schools like Visible Music College, or a respected person you know, like, and trust. If this is a true calling, one should not let anything stop him or her from pursuing it whole-heartedly, and that all starts with the pursuit of Christ.

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