Music is Important with Dr. Ken
April 5, 2024

Brand New Artists at Band Showcase April 18

Raw passion trumps perfection every time.

People will pay a lot of money, line up for hours, and do crazy stunts in advance to see a world class athlete, musician, or politician be in their prime and do amazing feats or accomplishments in demonstration of their lifelong practice and perfecting of a craft or skill. It is truly amazing to watch giant stars of the world of entertainment and sports perform. Yet, something is also mesmerizing about watching a newbie, a rookie, a child star, take the stage and reveal the fragile first beginnings of some immense talent. We watch TV shows with new acts and artists with expectation and a readiness to cheer on the best and brightest newcomers all the time.

Imagine being at that first show of the next great pop star or internet sensation.

Visible Music College produces the next generation of cultural leaders in musicians, producers, music managers, ministers, and video influencers. We feature these students in bands every semester with our Band Showcase. The music genres vary from rock to pop to blues to gospel, including original music from songwriters and some of your favorite cover songs. I love seeing these new artists playing the freshest music and also revisiting the classics. Come join us.

Come visit our campus in Downtown Memphis on April 18 at 7p at 200 Madison Avenue!