June 13, 2023

Best Smartphone Apps for Musicians

Whether you’re in school studying music or you play professionally here are the best apps all musicians should download onto their mobile phones!1. Piano - The piano app is free for both apple and android users in the app store and can be utilized to plunk out a melody, or harmony or used to hear a starting pitch. It is beginner friendly for those with little to know piano skills or understanding of music theory. This app features audio of the harp, marimba, electric guitar, and bass so you can change the setting on the piano to any of these instruments’ sounds. (Free version available and paid subscriptions with no ads for iPhone $1.99)2. ForScore - Musicians use A LOT of paper, from printing out our music to practice, using paper for chord charts, or writing music in general. ForScore allows the user to annotate, create setlists, rearrange pages, add bookmarks, play along to an audio track, and share music instantly with other musicians. Essentially building your very own digital sheet music library. One extra benefit is the virtually instantaneous page turns so never have to worry about your pages falling off your music stand again during a live performance! Using this app is also a great way to stay conscious of our carbon footprint. (ForScore also has a mobile app and an iPad app available as well!)3. Metronome Apps - Staying “in the pocket” of a song is so important. Rhythm is the backbone of music so having a metronome available while you practice is crucial for staying on beat and in time. Digital metronomes are adjustable to any time signature, just adjust the speed based on your practice level. A metronome is also a great tool when you’re learning music for the first time, and you see the tempo marking. Check out the app store for many different versions of free metronomes.4. Venmo/CashApp - Though these are not music apps having a money app can be so helpful if you are gigging all around town. Depending on the venue, you made be paid in cash, check, or direct deposit. But what about the live gigs you aren’t getting paid for? Well, this is a way for you to accept tips from your audience. By setting up a sign that has your handle, people can send you some cash and even use it to request a song! It can be helpful to have a digital payment app on your phone so you and your band members can be easily paid for your time and music.5. YouTube - We can all agree YouTube is a great app that is very valuable and useful to music lovers. You can look up your favorite songs or tutorial with ease. YouTube is a free platform that holds massive amounts of musical content. Using it can help you learn your music, and new songs, or even learn a little about how to write and to produce music. Consider using YouTube as a social media platform where you can promote your own music and build a following.6. Voice Memos - Record each practice session! This tool will help you hear your growth as a musician and the areas where you need to improve. Recording your practice or jam sessions gives you a playback of what happened and how everything sounded. Recording your lessons is so valuable no matter what instrument you play, whether you’re a vocalist or guitar player. This way when you are thinking of a certain warm-up or trying to remember what a teacher told you about your technique you can go back and listen to these audio files. Since you are probably paying for lessons anyways, start recording all those precious gems of wisdom from your vocal coach or teacher.

7. Songwriter’s Pad - Use this app to put down all your great song ideas! Created by songwriters for songwriters and musicians of all levels. It puts all the tools you need to write song lyrics while streamlining the writing process so that your best musical ideas come through. With an idea generator, rhyme lookup, chord rotation, and recorder & backing tracks all of this will make songwriting a breeze! 8. Flat - Create new music on the go! Always keep all your own music on you wherever you go. This composition app will allow you to notate, create, edit, playback, print, and export your sheet music and tabs. With over 100 midi instruments available to use you will be able to compose wherever you are. Once you’re finished you can share your composition with all Flat users, print it out, or export it to PDF files, MIDI, MusicXML, MP3, or WAV files. This is not a digital audio workstation, but it provides the space for you to create away from the studio, so you won’t forget that new song that’s been repeating in your head!9. Artists Growth - This is a business focused workspace to help artists navigate the music industry. Manage your calendar, finances, touring, team, and even contracts all through one app. This workspace is specifically designed for keeping independent artists organized with many in-app integrations, like google drive. As you grow in your career the best thing you can do is stay organized and have everything you need in one spot.Record, create, and listen to music from wherever you are and have the necessary tools at your fingertips. Learning how to navigate and succeed in the music industry is what Visible Music College specializes in. Learn all about music production, business, and finance, and hone your craft all while being equipped for leadership and success.

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