May 11, 2023

Beautiful Guitars Got Donated - Music is Important

Beautiful Guitars Got Donated

ken steorts testing guitar

People underestimate how cool guitars are. Think about right now. Guitars are cool but not something you think about. They are cooler than you think. Ferner Guitars do handmade amazing guitars and they think about how cool they are all the time. This past week I had the pleasure of playing instruments that are so well made that I felt outclassed by the instrument and sounded imperfect playing it - but, I loved playing it so much that I was going to practice hard to get better. Geeking out.I think even people who do not play guitar can appreciate a finely made instrument.When Ferner brought four instruments to Visible Music College this week and four of us got to play them through a nice amp and hear how great the tone was, we were reinvigorated for real music played well by real people. I’m not gonna rant about electronic music right now, but a finely made stringed instrument makes a difference in the world unlike another purchased beat. The ringing tone and sustaining beauty of Ferner guitars powers Justin Timberlake’s new music and several other Memphis based musicians.Listen to the honey tone of a Ferner Guitar this week. Have a friend play it or get yourself some lessons and make music.#kensteorts

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