Music is Important with Dr. Ken
December 21, 2023

Advent Is The Event

The church year begins every year with the event of…Advent.

Advent is the initiation of the Christ child into the world physically and thus the establishment of the Church for eternity. God has a plan that has existed from before time began to bring his people into relationship with himself entirely and Advent is the beginning of that story as Christmas comes and Jesus is born in a manger. Pretty great “reason for the season” stuff and often misunderstood and mostly unspoken. Yet, Christian families around the world and through the past two millennia celebrate these days leading up to Christmas (which also lasts for several days, but more on that later).

Visible Music College celebrates Christmas with the “A Visible Christmas" show on the first Friday of December (and thus on Advent eve eve) every year. We kick off the season of giving by seeing the gift of Jesus into the world as the most significant physical event in the history of humanity when it happened. Thirty something years, later, even bigger, but that’s for Easter.

The Advent calendar is organized into reflective and deeply meaningful revelations of God from scripture and wonderful to follow along even as an adult. Let this season be a reminder to come close to God, reflect on his incarnation into our human existence, and thereby his personal care for each on of us. Let Advent be your main event.