Music is Important with Dr. Ken
December 21, 2023

A Little Light Was Shone

Dr. Ken Steort's Reflection Of "A Visible Christmas" (2023)

Visible Music College’s annual “A Visible Christmas” show was called “Shine a Little Light” this year, and indeed some light was shown. 

With video screens blazing fun and glorious and house lights red and green, A Visible Christmas burst into action on December 1st with a collection of original music, new sights (dancers!), and dramatic elements woven into the script expertly by emcee/host Dr. Jason Stubbs. Jason delivered the story line of Advent and Christmas with panache and joy, at one point guiding the entire show with a choral round of singing and bringing of the entire cast down the aisle for a surprise reprise. A light hearted and light infused evening was demonstrated by scripture, new songs, video design by the Creative Leadership students, and a cookie-filled audience.

With no recorded music product representing the show this year, "Shine a Little Light" was solely a live event. While there may be video capture available, it reminds me that this kind of show is best experienced live and that no video representation can equivocate that "live in the room" musical experience. Music vibrates in the room and in your body and it is a felt art form, experienced by simply being present. Attend live art events whenever possible.

And in some way your presence at live art is shining your little bit of light as well.