May 11, 2023

5 Powerful Praise & Worship Songs to Add to Your Set List (and a Bonus Song that you'll love)

 Are you a worship leader looking to learn songs for your congregation or perhaps a beginner looking for good practice songs? Maybe you need new song ideas to increase your musical repertoire. Sometimes, you just need a good place to start when learning to play or when practicing those sweet new vocal notes that you learned for your latest song.Learning to play new songs and creating a new set list can be time-consuming. Looking up the lyrics, finding the correct chords, and trying to find the right key can all prolong practice time. Sometimes, it can feel as if you spend more of your time researching and trying to find sheet music rather than practicing.Many songs, particularly pop songs, follow similar and simple chord progressions with only 4-5 chords. Using a song that only has a few chord changes doesn’t make a song less beautiful to listen to or fun to sing, but it does help you learn songs quickly from various artists.Whether you’re an experienced musician, a budding worship leader, a growing music artist, or just learning to play guitar or piano at your local church; this list of popular worship songs will hit the spot. They each have 4-5 chords that will make preparing for your next service, praise session, or gig fun and easy.Here are 5 beginner-friendly contemporary Christian songs to learn to sing along with and easy to play on piano or guitar...1. In Jesus' Name (God of Possible) - Katy NicholeKaty Nichole held the number one spot for top Christian song according to the Billboard charts in 2022. This song’s powerful lyrics quickly made this song highly popular. With only 5 easy chords, this is a great song for any beginner. This song is originally in the key of Gb Major but changing the key and simplifying the chords; makes it much easier to play. Here are the chords; Em C G D Am.Check out the lead sheet here! god -of -possible-chord s-4049491


 2. Brighter Days – Blessing OfforBlessing Offor is a new Christian artist, making his debut in 2022 with this song, “Brighter days”. This song was also on the top 100 Christian Billboard charts in 2022. This beautiful pop power ballad is catchy and full of encouragement. This song is in the key of Gm with chords; Gm Eb Bb F.

Check out the lead sheet here! chord s-4045936


3. Broken Vessels Amazing Grace - Hillsong Worship“Broken Vessels” is a song created around the traditional “Amazing Grace” melody by using it as a pre-chorus and giving the song new verses and a new chorus. This song is in the key of G Major with chords; Em G D C.Check out the lead sheet here! vessels-amazing-grace-chord s-1486963


4. 10000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) - Matt Redman“10000 Reasons” has been a staple in many churches for the past few years due to its simplicity and easy to follow lyrics. This song is easy for any assembly or congregation to learn quickly due to the chorus being sung before the verses. This genuine praise song has been simplified down to four easy chords for the guitar or piano. This song is in the key of G with chords; C G D Em.Check out the lead sheet here! bless-t he-lord -chord s-1076668[embed][/embed] 5. Trust in You - Lauren DaigleThis song was extremely popular in 2022. At only 5 chords, it has an easy chord progression with a lot of impact, it's truly a great worship song! Starting in the key of A major the verse chord progression is A F#m Bm D and the chorus is A E F#m D. When you get to the bridge, you’ll use the same chords just in a different order D E F#m E. These chords are more advanced but can be learned by beginners as well.Check out the lead sheet here! chord s-1707265[embed][/embed]Here’s one more bonus song for you!Gratitude – Brandon Lake

This song is currently the top #1 Christian song on Billboard’s charts. This song has impactful lyrics and a great melody, but the chords are more advanced. We’ve included it here to give you a challenge! This song is in Key of B Major with chords; B G#m F# E F#m and Em.Check out the lead sheet here! chord s-3313037


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