Specialize and thrive by focusing on the fields that you want to pursue. This is the best way to pursue your calling passionately and faithfully.

Program Overview

What Can You Do With A Creative Leadership Degree?

Visible will empower you as a ministry leader, content creator, and artist to be creatively entrepreneurial, bringing innovation to the church and the music industry. You’ll be mentored and affirmed in your leadership and calling in the kingdom of God. You’ll be inspired to minister and create as an imitator of Christ. You’ll be trained in accurate and agile love for the word of God in ministry and storytelling.

With a ministry focused degree plan you will be prepared as a leader for building teams, pastoring, teaching, traveling ministry, and other related ministry work within the church. You’ll develop in ministry styles and models with a strong emphasis on biblical and leadership training. 

With a content creation focused degree plan, you will gain the skills to create impactful content, preparing yourself for a career in graphic design, film production, web design, and other media-based technologies. You will learn to develop and lead ministry-centered programs with a focus on biblical foundations, storytelling, organizing, and producing across various new media and content design areas.

What Is An Example of Creative Leadership?

Upon completing the Creative Leadership degree at Visible, you'll emerge as a confident, spiritually and emotionally healthy leader, influencer, and creative. Your skills will enable you to establish innovative, healthy communities and initiatives within both church and industry settings. Equipped to make a kingdom impact, you'll contribute to churches, ministries, social media platforms, film, TV, and beyond.